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Anna likes Amsterdam!  It’s green, there’s bikes everywhere, including lots of fun ones with big kid carriers in front, no one drives, it’s not too hot, there’s second hand shops everywhere!

Swimming, Amsterdam July 2010

We camped at Uitdam right on the lake front and all dove in for a swim, caught a bus into Amsterdam and enjoyed Anne Frank House – had to queue for an hour, but since Emmett now compares everything to the endless wait for the Eiffel tower he commented that it was a short wait!

Anne Frank House was just the right place to introduce the kids to the holocaust and second world war.  Having a child’s perspective was really good.  They got some good comics that went further into the history and Bede is keen to read Anne’s diary now.  I think I found it much more heartbreaking as an adult and a parent than I did reading Anne’s diary as a child.  We were all able to think on Otto Frank’s quotes about prejudice and persecution continuing in the world and talk a bit about the way that in many countries lesbians and gay men are still persecuted, including some of the countries we’ve traveled in.

I just loved the 3 level bike parking buildings in the city centre!  And that the only central carparks were for people with disabilities – the culture was just so non-car!  But so much more pleasant to cycle in a country with such good bike paths, as opposed to NZ where it always feels a bit like Russian roulette.

Multi-level bike park, Amsterdam July 2010

Today we had a big day, waking up in Amsterdam and driving through Belgium to Calais to head back through the Chunnel.  Tomorrow it’s Legoland!

Funny quote of the month by the way:  Florence recapping on her day in Florence “And Mummy, tomorrow we go to Anna?”


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