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We went to Allowee caves and the birds of prey center that was there.  I got to hold an eagle and it flew from my hand to Emmett’s hand.  I could feel its claws through the glove.  Eagles can see ultra-violet so they can see meat in a lot of pebbles that are the same colour as the meat.   Falcons are designed for speed, they have shorter wings and longer tails than eagles who use there large wing span to glide on wind currents.  Eagles circle to gain height using the heat from the day and then dive to down on to small or dead animals.  The Falcon chase there prey down relying on speed and agility to catch birds.


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On the 230m zip wire


Tarzan swing


The VW gets towed


A Devon Road - thank goodness for GPS


Eagle Owl

Very big ginormous owl- Not

Harris Hawk - the type that I am going to get







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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A MUMMY oops its only Anna but she looked like one because it was dark.   do not go on camels unless you want to be scared within an inch of your life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I do not I repeat NOT want to go on a camel again unless someone wants to pay me $99999999999999999999999999 US.

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We had a fantastic day today, very busy, out from 830am till 4pm visiting Memphis, Sakkara and Giza.  Highlights for the boys were going INSIDE the great pyramid, learning how to make papyrus scrolls and for Emmett riding a camel.  Bede on the other hand, absolutely hated being on camelback and was terrified the entire trip!  Florence was just so happy she got to ride a horse – I see riding lessons in her future!  Horses and birds have long been her favourite things.

Florence rides a horse!

Our first stop was Memphis where we looked at an impressive statue of Ramses II, followed by Sakkara to see the step pyramid, which Bede was unimpressed by – “When will we see a REAL one, with no steps?”

Next we stopped in at a papyrus place and both boys really enjoyed watching the process of making a scroll and also testing the strength and durability of the finished product.  After being resoundingly assured that we would be able to get the finished product through customs in NZ we bought a couple of pictures – which was I think the main aim of getting us in to watch the whole process!

Papyrus making, Cairo, May 2010

Giza was next.  We were all surprised at how much it is surrounded by Cairo city, because the pictures we’ve seen always show great expanses of desert.  There’s really only one angle that you can get that shot from!  It is actually quite amazing to see the pyramids rising out of the city.  Leah and the boys crawled through a tiny passage into the depths of the Great Pyramid, while Florence and I played on the steps outside – no way was I getting in that narrow space for anything!  Bede was disappointed to find nothing actually in there!  We’ll see some of the contents of the tombs at the museum tomorrow.

Florence, Great Pyramid, May 2010

We took a camel ride out to look back across the desert and get some more photos.  I was somewhat terrified like Bede at first, especially with Florence in the sling, but it was OK once we got going.

Another one for the "weird forms of transport" album

Leah has perfected her haggling techniques so much on this adventure I was almost sorry for the very determined men trying to extort us out of great sums of money for our camel ride!  I do find the whole process of bargaining most unpleasant because I like making people happy and when the seller is trying to convince us to pay more they never look happy with the final price, even when it is still twice what we should be paying!

We are staying in a rather nice hotel that advertises pyramid views, to our amusement our only window opens into a lift shaft!  This does mean that we were all fast asleep till after 10am our first jetlagged morning and I’m hopeful the darkness will have the same effect tomorrow as we’re not going out adventuring till the afternoon.

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We went to the animal orphanage and saw some cheetah cubs we asked our guide if we could go in with them and he said that we could go in with some of the older ones.  When we went in the enclosure they barked because cheetahs only bark or purr.   They felt soft and cuddly.  Florence touched one once and the screamed and then cuddled in to mum very tight.  When we were back outside the cheetahs thought that Florence was lunch and they ran up and down the fence beside her.  They did it to me and Emmett as well and then someone videoed me doing it.

Cheetah Encounter

Before that we went to the Nairobi museum and asked someone where the Joy Adamson display was but they said that it was closed because some people were building where the display used to be.  Me and Anna were angry because it was the only reason that we wanted to come to the museum.

After the cheetahs we went to giraffe manor and we fed the giraffes.  Someone showed me how to make them kiss me.  You get a long piece of giraffe food and put it between your lips then they lick it out and it looks like they are kissing you.   Then we went to see Kibo

Kibo is the Elephant that we are sponsoring.  We saw a black rhino while we were waiting for Kibo to come home from playing in the mud.  Kibo was really cute and he reached his truck up to Flo while she was looking away and she screamed.  Kibo was about as tall as Emmett.  He looked muddy and felt scratchy when you touched him.

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Using axes

Me and Emmett used axes and helped chop up logs for the fire.  Now I have blisters on my fingers because I held the axe too tight.  I can’t wait untill we get out of here and also does anyone have space for two calf’s?  We love the two that are here and the people who own them said that we could keep them!

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