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It’s been a while since I’ve managed to post here, currently the only place I can access the internet is beside the pool, in Cambodia it was on the completely not child proof third floor balcony, hence sitting writing is an activity that can only happen when Florence is not in sight!

She’s safely at the indoor playground with Leah and the boys this afternoon so I’ll try to catch up on our recent adventures.  Bede is most excited that this playground actually lets him enter, he is the size of a 16 yr old Thai kid and so has spent much time watching the littlies play – even Emmett is over the usual 120cm height limit but we’ve usually talked them into letting him in!

Riding the train at the indoor playground, Pattaya

Yesterday we had Bede’s 10th birthday celebrations, Bede’s first birthday without Norah and Papa present – although we did manage to skype them so they could be in on the fun too!  We had a fantastic chocolate cake, lots of swimming in the hotel pool, followed by water-sliding at the local waterpark.  I’ve got some great video which is currently refusing to upload, but I’ll keep trying!

Bede's 10th Birthday, Pattaya

Florence has loved being by the pool, leaping in as soon as she can get us out there in the mornings.  She watched another two year old who could swim and promptly decided that she must be able to do that too!  And you know what – she can!  She is the most persistent child!  She spent hours pushing off the steps and floundering to me and can now get about 2m under her own steam!

Friday was 11 hours of bus and van travel and the Cambodia – Thailand border crossing in reverse, all went very smoothly!  We are hoping that our 18 hours of flying from Bangkok to Livingstone in Zambia (via Hong Kong and Johannesburg transit lounges) goes as smoothly.  We leave on Wednesday afternoon, this will be the longest single travel leg of our whole Round the World trip.

Crossing the Cambodia Thailand border April 2nd 2010

Lost so far on the trip:

Anna’s hat – first one – a purpose bought travel hat supposed to be crushable was too crushed after the trip from Ceduna to Adelaide to even leave Australia! – second one – flew out of a tuktuk!

Bag containing all the carry on bottles of toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrushes, moisturiser, sunscreen etc – left in guest house in Cambodia, not missing it, but causing major stess to Anna’s sense of organisation!

Computer mouse – bought and lost in Cambodia, nice while it lasted!

The kids haven’t noticed yet, but all small toys like balls get left in the room whenever we depart anywhere for the staff’s kids to enjoy – we have enough to carry as it is!

We have to our embarrassment gained a large number of scrabble pieces that Florence obviously thought she needed as they were somehow in her clothes bag when we got to Pattaya – sorry Seven Candles!


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6 days till my 10th birthday so exciting.  We are having it in pattaya and staying in a very posh hotel.   And there is a water park not very far away and it is 50 baht $1.55 in USD (for kids).

I am listening to the Harry Potters on my ipod and Leah has bought the audiobook of Percy Jackson and the Olympians for us to listen to on the bus to Pattaya.

There are lots of really cool paintings of the Cambodian Gods, some of them have lots of arms and they make statues of them as well.

I am also really excited because in 64 days we are meeting Norah and Papa in London.

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Scuba diving

When we went to the Bankock Aquarium I went Scuba diving.  I was at the bottom of the tank when suddenly a huge shadow swept over me it was a Sand Tiger Shark about 3 & a 1/2 meters long which is  about the depth of the tank.  Leah kicked my breathing thingy out of my mouth but it was easy to get it back in my mouth.

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After a very busy couple of months packing up our house in Ceduna and sorting out all our gear we are finally off on our trip.  Its 9am Thai time and Bede and I are the only ones still standing after our 2am arrival.  We tried to convince the children it was still nighttime when we got to the hotel to no avail, so Leah went to bed in the interests of having one sane parent later in the day.  Poor Emmett was exhausted and crashed at 6am, Florence, Bede and I were able to hit the breakfast queue first thing at 530am and then the rooftop pool by 7am!

Florence is asleep now after all that exercise and I’ll be following her pretty quickly I think!

First impressions: overwhelming for us small town people really, especially with no sleep, the smog, the smells, the cars and motorbikes.  Everyone is very friendly and speaks English well, which is helpful as despite some effort we’re not doing well with our Thai.  I am feeling a bit rude for my pathetic attempts at Thai but I was just glad at 2am that the taxi driver understood my instructions in English.  We have a good list of fun family activities here and when we’ve had some sleep we’re off to check some out.

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